Update 1

Made some small updates to the original prototype/tech demo game I made for the Chess Jam.

These are the updates:

- added 'magic attack'
- all enemies can be killed, some are tougher than others - the material/skin colour of the enemy changes upon a certain percentage of damage to give some indication of damage done
- all enemies spawn either a gem or potion, the king spawns a health _upgrade_
- now with less clipping! you should no longer clip through the enemies and also through less off the environment
- you can still fall of the map as I haven't set a boundary for that
- increased the damage done by the fire off the horse
- the bishop now has a basic attack as when you collide with it it will deal damage, other enemies do no damage yet


ChessJam_update1.7z 48 MB
Apr 18, 2018

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